Everything that's going on in the world of Acorn Floor Sanding

At Acorn floor sanding we understand how important your wood floors are in adding a touch of natural beauty to your business or home, they have a lot of health and environmental benefits as well as being easy to clean.

We are able to cure some of the ongoing wear and tear items listed below with our renovation service

Water Stains
If you have a problem with a water stain it can look unsightly so we will remove all the wax from the affected area and then use one of our fine Bona Buffer pads and Carl's oils to rub the area for a smooth finish.

You may have burns from cigarettes or hot mugs, so we can simply sand the affected area and then wipe it clean before refinishing. For deeper burns, you have to cut away the burnt area and add wood putty. Once the putty is dry, sand and refinish the area.

Depending on traffic and usage, your wood floor can either get minor or serious scratches which are often very easy to fix, requiring a small amount of work which includes sanding down the scratches, before sealing and filling them

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